While am on a spree .. here s an old mail that i ‘d written to i guess  a lifestyle show program manager… and got a response from her as well …( she must surely think i am a stuck-up-in-life-teen )

like most things in life that i ve been fascinated with at some point of time  .. was totally taken with the idea of “make – overs”

Read on … it s a good laugh!

Its strange how more often than not we ve started co relate make overs with a true plain-jane-turns-cindrella story!

She s a simple gawky girl , runs away from make up , lives in her jeans …. Turn her into a supermodel for l’oreal … Ta-da there s your one-minute-beauty-queen !

For one day …. !? Not too permanent?

I think that’s a make-feel-good and not a make over!

You just look at yourself in the mirror and kind of see a stranger looking back at you !

Makes you feel kind of okay for a little while . Coz maybe you never imagined yourself in those designer label clothes but Camera stops rolling , shows over , you go back home and next day life s the same.

You are back being the same gawky girl.

Cindrella s back after the clock strikes twelve ?

What’s this conversation abt ? Am I trying to make a point ? Coz there s too much of drama happening … And If I want a makeover for myself I should express the intention fast before we move on to the next one … 🙂

The point is why don’t we try and revisit these gushing guys n gals a week down the line and try and see if the moment of glory was actually that long ? Or the makeover actually was quite literally something that changed your attitude , your outer appeal , your inner self in any which way!

Beauty after all is skin deep

And today when most things in life are superficial …. Don’t we all need an attitude “makeover” that has a slightly more lasting affect?

Looking forward to a before and after and a much much after 🙂

Wish to know what was the response? ask me…..

Make Over
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