Its finally happened…. and am speechless!

Its like one of the things you ve always wanted to do ..

 Like buy the little black dress or go trekking to dharamshala or walk upto the cute guy across the table and say hi 🙂

and you finally get to do and you dont know what to really say – so you blabber!

so blabbering stops here .

Had to go through a lot of names to really settle on this one ( there ll be more on WHY this one .. now that i ve started to talk)

Notes-To-Myself , Conversations , The-Address and finally this one clicked maybe coz of some devine intervention coz i was genuinely losing hope and going to settle for some thing like “anonymous”!

Sincerely hope , this space turns out to be yet another way in which i find myself …

like they always say ..

The greatest journeys are the one’s that bring you home!

so let the conversation begin…

Finally !!

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