“Whats so special today?”  Some one asked me today  

The comment was provoked by the status on Gtalk – The best day of my Life

Its happened quite frequently now.

How my sometimes odd , sometimes heavy – duty , sometimes freaked out – status messages , help me build up a conversation ( Yes , everything  does boil down to starting off The TALK 🙂 )

Its like an invitation

See me as a person , am not just a name in the list of names on your Gtalk.

Its like a cue

Am creative , I have taken the pains to look for something interesting to appear in front of my inanimate name

Its like a question

I think / am / feel so – and – so , what do you think ? Does it sound interesting / funny / amusing / oh-so-true … to you? why dont you connect with me and tell me about it?

More than anything else – it my way of expressing myself.

and more often than not , i ve realised i end up having a very interesting exchange post some one laps up the clue 🙂

But what was so special about today ?

Dont know yet .. The Days not over and am waiting for something special to happen….

a post on that soon!

PS : Sankalp , I hope the added visual seasoning , makes the offering more appealing now …

The Best Day Of My Life 🙂
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