I’ve been thinking of what to write on … 

Was doing that sifting through TV channels in my cosy Bangalore hotel room

Did that as I looked at the sparkling city lights underneath when we were going to land in Delhi on a breezy late evening

As I chatted up with yet another cab driver from apni UP as he gave me a guided tour of Mumbai as we moved from the chaos of malad to the posh Nariman point  

And then I have a 5 minute conversation and I am inspired! 

There’s something Gorgeous about inspiration.

And for those who are perpetually uninspired, the way I’ve put it up there… it must sound as Delicious as chocolate truffle. 

And what’s most incredible is that I am not writing about inspiration 🙂

At least I did not plan to. Not as of now.

And more-or-less what am seeing in black & white is quite in the vicinity of what was quite there in my head. 

I could go on with the dramatic narrative as a build up, coz something tells me you are patient enough if you’ve not moved on already.  And its only people like us who can truly relish life’s simple pleasures. 

Someone said as we were talking today morning, “I like that word”, and I thought to myself – people actually listen when we talk.  Maybe it’s just how they are or it’s the Words. 

There’s something totally Mesmerising about a few of them.

Something Bewitching about a lot of them.

But then there are some that are Supremely Gorgeous

(I’ve used it twice already – clearly I am in love with this word, somehow it takes Beautiful to the next level) 

Yes, people too are all that and more – but in this space am talking about Words 🙂 

Adulation, a lovely fusion of dreamy-eyed-star-struck admiration & heart-wrenchingly –sweet and mushy- puppy-love , Some how I find it more enchanting than the big L itself 🙂  

Enchanting, another magical one-word-description of something as simple as an amusing thought or something as elaborate as a thoroughly planned evening. I would place it somewhere close to Bewitching , weighs a little less than  Exquisite (excuse me if I sound obsessive with my own type-writing by now!)  

A personal favourite is Exuberance The most lethal mix of childlike enthusiasm and an unputdownable spirit. Its so Cheery , Bouncy , Fizzy – use the word with a smile and you can almost float and touch the ceiling !  

There are so many more – Mystique, Passionate, Translucent, Divine , Immaculate .. The list is endless. What makes them special is that they are not just functional. Far from it infact. 

Am a total admirer of pretty things. And there’s nothing more captivating than some of these little crumbs of joy.  

A word is absolutely worth a thousand pictures!  

It’s Only Words…

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