Music is when you meet someone. The first impression. The superficial.

And then you get to know the person, discover layers yet unknown. Stories not yet heard. That’s lyrics.

The soul. What matters, what you take away in an experience. 

When the Music & Lyrics combine – it creates magic! 

Ah, I wish I could really come up with something so lucid. 

The thought above is hugely Inspired (read directly lifted and personalised by yours truly) by the Hugh Grant & Drew Barrimore starrer – Music & Lyrics , that’s currently reining the charts of “Movies I can watch again and again and again”

I truly hope you’ve seen this movie – I’ve been recommending it to every mortal I’ve ever known, just like “Kuch is Tarah”, “Notes to Myself” and “Pangot” which top my “Most recommended song / book/ place to visit list” (respectively of course) 

A lot of times, we don’t really look beyond the obvious and life passes by – like a well- arranged piece of music, wonderful till it lasts, but how often do we hum to ourselves the symphony? If only we look closer and soak in the meaning of the little things that adorn it, the lyrics, isn’t it a little more long lasting? 

I could write in a Review, But I am no critic.

I could rate it on a Scale. But how to quantify experiences on a linkert scale? 

I think I’ll just watch it over and over again and find something stunning every time.  

There’s a line that totally defines my state of mind right now, that blissfully flows in its OST – Way Back Into Love

“I need inspiration, not another negotiation”

There’s nothing more enchanting that I’ve heard said quite so simply – on silver screen and off it, so far! 

PS: Check out the exact quote on the Song “Way Back Into Love” ( OST) on my Orkut videos and buy its DVD today!  

Music & Lyrics
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2 thoughts on “Music & Lyrics

  • March 10, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    Very well written…wanted to check out the video off your orkut but encountered “This content has been set to private by the profile owner.” Hmmm…considering the very forceful recommendation… thats not a nice thing to do! ;o) Will try and locate it on youtube.

  • March 10, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    umm.. that’s a very old post ..
    and the video is no longer on my videos list
    check it out on youtube…
    thanks for your comments!


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