60 years of Independence .. sounds like a BIG deal .. at-least when its spread across the newspapers

and when debates on media’s freedom of expression in support of what-ever they wish to broadcast in the name of NEWS fire up .. well i certainly feel – we have a very liberal definition of Freedom!

Thanks to SMS communication – had got a lot of “Happy Independence Day” sms on the 15th August that just passed us by …

That day is special in ways more than one . And none were remotely patriotic at all.

Today , a wonderful thing happened at work . There s a lovely Watch brand – a personal favorite coz its watches are genuinely poetry in motion …

Their New tagline goes “Independence is a State of Mind”

That brought back something i had composed as a reply sms to people who spammed me with motivational-at-the-verge-of-annoying messages on 15th Aug

and here it goes …. ( i guess the fact that it was still in my cell’s drafts folder meant some sign – i can see the applause sign on now 🙂 )

We have only so much time , we can prove ourselves

only so much time , before we give in

In my free-world bound with timelines

Am wondering if i am free within

It’s about time , i break free from the wrongs & rights

I want to make a start today

I need to conquer the demons inside

And celebrate My Independence Day !

on that thought , i sign off .

Two posts today .. essentially to commemorate the day when i got my official laptop .

Now i feel free to write – when i feel like , what i feel like.

Free Falling

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