To New Beginnings …

Well , its monday !

and before i realise the weekend just flew off …

considering that saturday was mostly in office and sunday was at a photo shoot

but i guess by managing three movies back to back ,

a very successful attempt at window – shopping for over 2 hrs ,

a nice oriental dinner and a refreshing meeting over coffee …

i am quite happy with the way my weekend turned out in the end!

well… the plans for an all-on-my-own-on-a-shoestring-budget trip to shimla seems to be working out , that i guess would form the first post under my far & beyond category!

some more stuff in the meantime to add to the random thoughts oops “Verses” .. : )

nope i am not losing my mind … am just trying to find it !


If only I knew which way to head;

I wouldn’t choose the one ways  

If only I could trust my heart again;

I wouldn’t fear another endless chase

If only I have the courage to get real

I wouldn’t let go of a dream again

If only I understood what it means to be fine,

I wouldn’t have left the world of the insane 

But I wear my best smile every day,

And look out for some life in the existing

Coz every story has an end, they say

For me every end is a new beginning  


So here s to a brand new week …. 

One thought on “To New Beginnings …

  1. cool … so ur weekend was good … and u gotta a laptop ??
    BTW … me really liked the “But I wear my best smile every day”….

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