I am a day away from hitting a month – ever since i started off my blog

and if i am more regular at something other than writing , then that’s checking the stats on the views 🙂

 And so far .. so good!

With almost negligible publicity .. ( yes , vineet i know i need to tell every one i ve ever know about it – coz they cant dream up their way to it … but what makes you believe that they would be really interested? even if you tell me that some of it has “shards of brilliance” ahem ahem)

so tell me

– is that a good thing or bad thing?

I wanted to mark this occasion with some thing – like a special post

but how ever progressive i might (read wish to portray myself) be – am i not always quite retrospective ?

– is that a good thing or bad thing?

I am not too sure if i am “committed” to writing , that word now some how disturbs me 🙂 , so i would rather be quite regular at some thing , which is comfortably non-committal.

and i am really really not sure ( and certainly not apologetic) if all this rambling is turning out to be quite “intense”( yes , Ships … i just talk too much and sometimes i just get lucky and make some sense … lets see if you could spot those flashes and sparks somewhere .. )

so tell me

 – is that a good thing or bad thing?

I had started off thinking in my mind , that this is going to be a post that would have hues of hidden cues to “please comment if you liked /didnt like something” – but i guess am not managing that well… so the subtlety goes out of the window …

The deal is

I ve had without telling a lot of ppl some tremendous number of views ( am an eternal optimist , yes)

But very very few on-my-blog comments ( discounting the calls , chats , offline comments , scraps , messages etc etc )

and its a little important to me , that if you read what i ve written , when i am not around

and it stays with you for more than just a fraction of second

then you leave a little note telling me about it

Now if that’s a bad thing for you . no sweat. that’s clearly a good thing for me.

so next time you quietly log off after swimming through these vast oceans of text

let me know how it was .. 🙂

till then … here s to a lovely week end!

Good Thing Or Bad Thing!
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