There’s something very surreal about reality shows.

Yes, for a change, I am not in a self-obsessive, self-centered, solely talk-about-myself mode and thinking about life outside of my little world.And that’s going to be how it is. Here on. Most of the time.

New month, New page ( = New Category) , The Next Level.

Exciting stuff seems to be happening to me all the time haan? 🙂

Yes. So Reality Shows.

Well, they are all over the place and I’ve been following a few of them lately.

Some of them can boast of a lot of talent.

Some of them only a lot of commercial appeal.

Some of them quite over-rated.

And one has to be an expert at channel flicking to really keep up with

Who’s performing next?

Who’s being voted out amidst a lot of tear jerking heart wrenching fan-fare?

Whose candid moments are at public display for general viewing pleasure?

Which big screen stars are out there dancing their heart out at the small screen stage – essentially making the best use of the captivated audience and riding on the very sure shot TRPs

This weekend was a true test – a couple of eliminations and results were running back to back on various channels

And when one of the nicest and very promising performers got eliminated because of a vote out on one such dance based celebrity reality show , I am quite shocked to realize how hooked I was !

I was genuinely feeling bad! In fact to confess to this life less page because no ones listening to how gullible I sound – I was literally heart broken!

And I said exactly that to my mamma through an SMS.

“Tapur got out, feeling so bad. She was so good na?”

Pat came her reply “she can still come back through a wild card entry”

Now for some one like my mother to really understand the dynamics of a program that well when there’s no such thing as – ‘these are the rules of this game’- is quite interesting.

Especially coz it didn’t occur to me.

But before I caught on to another channel – I thought to myself.

Was the elimination just another jig at getting some people to stay glued on – what happens next? So how real was the reality after all?

My favourite contestant at another singing competition – Sa re ga ma, came in at a very disappointing third place. But then again all of us knew the reasoning behind it. And that was an acceptable fact?!

I don’t know what would happen to Amanat, Anik or Raja. And who would be the next one to go from jhalak dikhla ja. But I think I just want this documented somewhere so that if Tapur actually comes back , I can start a poll or something like that on my blog 🙂

For all those who say fact is stranger than fiction, one question.

Isn’t reality full of cliché too?

Getting Real
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