Went through the latest cosmo edition this Sunday.

A copy of their latest shopping edition had landed on my desk this week – and I picked it up coz of various reasons – none of them being that am a cosmo – girl!

I rarely miss the travel plus , but that was my first contact with something so glam – there should be a law against it !

As I settled down with a warm cup of coffee and Alanis crooning ‘head over feet’ – I gorged the 230 Pages dedicated to the noble (?) cause of ‘shopping and more’ at the FIVE cities I love – Pune , Delhi , Mumbai , Jaipur and Chandigarh .

Needless to say,  I couldn’t help but compare the catalogued places to shop-eat-make merry with my mental notes and that’s when I wrote about it !( inspiration comes easy in this part of the world)

It was a nice walk down the memory lane , as I flipped through the pages and looked for cues to revisit those moments that I ve at some point of time spent there!

Purple Rice (Chd) , Ta-blu(Jpr) , Big Chill(Del) , Salt water grill(Mum) – some sumptuous brunches and cozy dinners . Some serious damage to my bank account at Anokhi ,  Fabindia – could I ever get tired of buying yet more kurtas from there?

Though I’ll be an emotional fool when I say I missed not catching a Zamus in Pune , Café Rock in jaipur or a Pind Baluchi in Delhi , but then again – how many of the gazillions of places to eat could we really feature in so many pages?

But a miss out of Oxford in the books section in Delhi would be a serious one – and so would be some typos ( one Can not call Kayani’s in Pune – Kalyani !)

But what is really holding me back from stacking this one up in my collectibles is the fact that more than serious reading pleasure , it ‘s stark commercial undertones leave me unsettled. When I really have to flip through pages and pages of paid advertising to really look for something that more than meets the eye , is that really worthwhile?

Its almost like – Just when you are out on your feet, exploring a new city – checking out the magical display windows , the patterns and the colours all adding up to a lovely day shopping out …..and there it is – a huge bill board or a hoarding. Its to put it crudely – the TVC that we all hate so much right before the crucial last over’s getting bowled in the tie breaker between India and Pakistan – if you know what I mean!

The pics, the charming layouts, the divine pearl-of-wisdom all seem fine but then I guess gone are the days of some serious fun-reading. Agreed that it’s the monies that are driving the issues that hit the stands for the very able cosmo team as it would in any other commercial set up (being a marketing professional myself).

Just one question, where do we really draw a line to defend the power of the written word?

Well that’s the first of the many reviews that I plan to write about any thing and everything

Tell me how it was? No hard-selling this is.

Serious Fun Reading … Anyone?
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