Out Of Order

Been quite ‘surprised’ ( supremely shocked ) today

Not by the gesture , but with what i thought was my reaction to it.

Some one i know and i guess now some of my friends know him as well .. did a strangely curious thing  . Wasnt a crime . Wasnt even annoying / disturbing or any such thing . Was childish for the lack of a better word.

But whats affected me most is – the fact that now i ll be double checking whatever i say to the very few people i anyways talk to. i have no idea why. but thats how i guess it would be.

I dont want to do that, its not intentional , but i think thats how it would be from now on.

This is absolutely the saddest bordering to depressing post that am gonna write ever.

Notes to you : Please dont read any more if you are visiting this page cause of an emotionally charged up plea!

Notes to myself : Erase and rewind.

Current Status : Out of Order … searching for some (order) in life …

– Chandni

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