Read something beautiful .. guess where ? in a Mont Blanc Catalogue!

“One writes to make a home for oneself , on paper , in time and in others minds”

– alfred kazin

Havent been writing too often .. not as often as i used to last month , not as much i would want to …

But read that and i thought to myself if thats why i write whenever i do ( oh yes … its not for the comments please … ahem ahem) . am not too sure if all this gibberish is helping me build a home for myself , in time or people ‘s heart or any such thing. I am quite sure though , that when i write it out some of my very abstract thoughts , in so many words , it becomes quite legible to me 🙂 

The latest in life is crazy stuff happening on home front , while life at work is a mix of work as usual and some fun stuff here and there!

The weekend at home was like a roller coaster.

Meeting up people can some how be quite exhausting

especially when you dont know them , more so when you ve known them too well

Some were quite avoidable , some i didnt know i ll run into again.

An aunty who was with us really really long time back . i still remember the last time i saw her some 8 – 9 yrs back . the day was perhaps the saddest day in her life . when she lost her son in an accident.

brought back really creepy memories . coz i had not seen death so up close . I dont think i would want to . neither would i want to talk abt it in any which way. I ve heard of people ‘not being no longer there’ whom i ve known , but not a 7 odd  yr old child with whom you played antakshari on your trip to mahabaleshwar or scrabble at millions of dinner at their place or ours .. and things like that you know.

It was nice though to see that life truly actually really does seem to go on.

They have a daughter now. not too sure if she fills in the void . not too sure if she needs to .

was wondering. when things end . and we start afresh. or people move away and the faces around us change. does that really end something and begin something new?

is life really all that simple? can we really classify things as ‘open’ and ‘close’ . is life actually all about neatly categorised compartments? whats here and gone tommorrow – is it really gone ? is it really tommorrow?

wish it was true.

questions . a lot of them . not sure about most of them. The rest i guess is silence.

– chandni

Rest is silence

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