So many times in the past , in a day , a lot of us meet / talk / get in touch with people we dont really know.

Most of these ‘connections’ are fleeting – but they do happen with me a lot of times – mostly because of the nature of my job than anything else.

On Wednesday late evening , i was speaking with an old friend and after the call abruptly ended coz his battery konked off – i just felt like talking to some one i just DONT KNOW 🙂

its a strange thought , i keep getting it often, coz i think its needlessly exciting to really know some one you really dont know and who has no ‘motive’ to know you in return.

Was wondering how it would be if i just sms some one – you know any one – a number that i cook up . I dont know what the message would say and how it would be taken ( and YES… who it would land up with ) but then can i really ‘communicate’ ( even if its one – way) with some one i just dont know.

Its something i ve never really ‘consciously ‘ done.

The thought just came and went . and i was quite surprised when yesterday , i got a message from some one i didnt know – that landed up in my message box coz of some number goof – up.

maybe the numbers just got jumbled or something like that – and it all got sorted.

But its was a very interesting co – incidence ….:)

hmm… co – incidence- something i truly truly adore. happen a lot with me. will write in more ….

got to get back to my website analysis report now ( ah , such bliss is life!)

– chandni

Getting Connected?
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