Coincidence. They have a lovely character to them.

They happen when you just don’t think they would.  

Like you are quite idle and in the mood for a leisurely banter and a message pops up from someone you haven’t seen / met / thought of really for quite a while  

Or a friend dropping by and the one movie she’s been yearning and longing to see, is right there on one of the movie channels   

And you are humming a song in your head, on a train journey. And there it goes, full volume, on some ones speakers. 

You land up for a brunch wearing something in blue and so does the person you are meeting too.

Apart from rhyming literally and leading to a bit of an embarrassment in reality, it is a co-incidence that’s happened to me a couple of times! 

There are surprises and there’s this dejavu thing which is a reoccurring reality of my life and then there is telepathy , but the coincidences totally intrigue me. 

Coz they aren’t planned like surprises And don’t have a semblance of Did-I-just-imagine-this appearance about them like dejavu   

They are spur-of-the-moment. They are very much now.  

Looking for some more intrigue in this high-voltage drama called life!       🙂

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