I think there ‘s always this ‘moment’ when one realises that you’ve fallen in love 🙂

winters are setting in , with a bit of rain now and then , chill in the air in the evenings … typically how it is in january in punjab …

but today as i stood in my balcony , as i sipped a cup of very strongly brewed tea and looked at the fog setting in

i realised i was in love with this city!

when i came here , i almost came in on a ‘tourist visa’ 😀 . I some how knew that this is like a break – from – work – and – personal – life sort of phase. i ll just be on my own , do my thing and get back to the grid or where ever life takes me …

i knew that this phase wouldnt last for a few months and was kind of sure that the new year would find me in a yet another city , living a brand new life , yet again.

But .. i am here . and am happy. more happy than i would ve been if i wouldnt have made the choices that seemed so tough back then.

and now , i want to be here . and live this life.

but like it is always …. i think that would just mean life is going to change again very soon.

hmmm… am waiting for the next act. some one up there must be setting the stage right now as i look on .

Life or something like that..

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