Have been watching movies back to back.

Its fabulous – this new library membership that i ve taken. Right now catching up on some of the old classics that i missed . Revisiting some of my all – time – favourites!

Finally managed to watch Devil wears prada (2007) & i realised it IS hugely amusing . Its nice to see that the book seems inspired from the book that i enjoy reading over and over again , but still has a charm that its managed to create of its own. Instead of saying that its taken a creative licenece , the screenplay has been smartly changed to make it sound more real .  The book did seem to go a a little over the top at a lot of places but this movie is a true treat .

As we see Andy – Andrea Sachs (a charmingly brilliant Anne Hathaway ) survive while trying to run some impossible errands as the assistant to the most formidable woman in the fashion industry – the editor of Runway magazine ( a stellar as ever Meryl streep) .

we see her transform into a person , whose not just blindly chasing a dream and ‘thinks’ she can go to any extent to land herself a job eventually as a journalist – while bearing with a job that ‘millions of girls would die for’ . We see her discover herself some where .

I could see myself in her , as not a very long time back i was in the middle of a job that left no room for me to think , or feel or live. and i realised its not the job – its me . and the choices that i made. and the way i managed my life.

I laughed , felt pity , empathised and applauded with Andy and see her eventually walk away to not get to her dreams , but go-get her dreams .

Ahh… how much i love the celluloid … i could live my life watching movies 🙂


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