yesterday i was in a random mood. nothing new. but seriously yesterday was weird.

there was this mix of regret , nostalgia , restlessness  all those crazy thoughts whirling inside my head.

Now a days , i almost go like – i did such and such thing last yr this day.

joined hutch gujarat , searched for the pg , moved into the pg, the weekends that i used to look fwd to , the weekdays that used to be too terrible to live thru.

hmm.. am having trouble making up my mind if being out of this situation is better/worse than being in it!

wow… intense . and confusing. hmm.. anyways, i have a feeling that my friends prediction just might come true.

let s see if i am around here till 26th feb.

waiting for things to change , i have a feeling they would very soon.

some one i hardly know told me ” i am glad i met you!” and i thought to myself- wow that was quick.

i havent met a single person in my life – i was really glad i met. i mean i ve met people i ve liked . but most of these meetings have been more so like experiences as a whole – what state of mind i was in , what was going on around me , how did this person fit it – the whole interaction MEANT SOMETHING and not the person.

is that pessimism? nope. i ve always felt i am quite an optimistic person. but honestly , wouldnt it be nice to meet some one and feel ” i am so glad it met you.”

as i listen to sofia ( whom am talking with right now over emails) i realise – its the same story with every one..

all of us trying to find our way out of things , hoping things would be better tommo than they are today .. and when we finally get to the tommo- more often than not we feel a sense of nostalgia 🙂

so long then …


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