I have always felt more than the what and how, it’s important to question about the ‘why’! Not that coz the what and how are more obvious  

What am I doing right now?How do I kill time? nope….that’s not that easy with the ‘why’

 Not only are the ‘why’s ‘more difficult to answer  … they are even tougher to accept as a question!

Why am I working in Chandigarh when would rather be working in Delhi?Hmm… Complicated?

Well then let’s try a simpler one

What am I doing right now?Umm … Writing something. I think.

How are you doing that?Well am thinking of stuff and kind of pouring them down on this sort – of online personal diary of mine…So basically I am typing my thoughts .. Makes sense?

And why are you doing that?Ahhh … well… umm… Because I want to?

Are you telling me or asking me? I think I am telling you. that‘s right. I am telling you I am writing because I want to. I know I know I could watch a movie right now. Or go shopping. It’s a Sunday after all. Or listen to music and cuddle with a book or call up a friend. I can do a lot of other things instead. But I feel like writing now. So that‘s it. Right? 

I think when ever our answers come out sounding like questions it’s not so simple as it seems. And the elusive, intriguing WHY is always a little tough to deal with.You could ignore it, pass it off nonchalantly.

I guess that’s easier. But then there are people like me , who are constantly plagued with the why! 

Why do things turn out the way they turn out? Good . bad. Ugly.

Why do we meet some people, talk to some others and really really talk to some others?

Why do somethings don’t matter at all. And why some others define the way you live, breathe, think, and feel?

Why some experiences are just passing. Some stick with you. Some change you and some you would want to change.

Why a lot of us don’t even notice them BUT

Why would I want to file these millions of moments that come and go day in, day out – into experiences?

And yes … the most fascinating one.

Why do I always feel things aren’t always as they seem. They are only much better : )

In the end for me , more often than not.. its just about the question of .. WHY?

A question of .. Why?
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