The Journey

PS ( and i can never thank you enough , dear old friend , for getting back in touch !)

sent a quote yesterday and i ve been thinking about it since then ( some people dont really need too much to muscle their grey cells and give their mind a little something extra to do … :))

“Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people”

my first reaction was .. almost defensive…:) and i replied ..”hmm, but the people i wish to stay close to , i stay close to ”

and he said … thats what i meant .

but to think again … what about the people i am not close to ( in thought , in person ) . Sometimes all it takes is a gesture , a thought , a smile or in my case .. an sms to get back in touch with this friend of mine – whom i hardly knew and now i realise what a blessing it is to find someone .. who can read beyond words , when you want him to and let the lines blur when you fear nothing’s being read ‘between the lines’ .

i think this was a weird way of life showing me that sometimes i speak too soon….

a little while back , i was blaberring to myself …

I wish i meet someone , i was really glad i met…

well.. i did!

This one’s for you .. “The Indian God of Sanitation ” … i would love to come back to this post some ten yrs down the line and re-live the day , when we laughed & spoke about everything under lucky stars … and i can never begin to thank them enough!

really, sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people…

One thought on “The Journey

  1. I agree with ya .. sometimes it just takes an effortless smile or a sms to “re-meet” someone … and he no longer is a stranger anymore… n you discover lifes not that bad 🙂
    really me feels … its always an easier bargain to look for happiness where its least expected … would say my fav quote again … “best things in life are for free ” … cheers !!!

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