I think life really needs to get into 5 th gear , when some one asks you whats new .. and all you can think is “Would new things to work on .. be an acceptable answer to that one ” 😀

well… life s been a little slow lately.

work wise , stuff ‘s happening. and i have discovered a friend i can speak to once in a while – who sort of some how decrypts the “what am i trying to say ” from the “what am i saying” and yet does me a big favour by simply listening 🙂 

Also , have been watching a LOT of movies , the cute kinds? .. yep .. the feel good mushy sorts .

Princess Diaries , Legally Blonde , Sweet Home Alabama , That Thing You Do – Sometime 2 or 3 movies back to back – and its truly wonderful!

some people think thats an art . i dont know. maybe . for me thats how its always been! one movie a day – doesnt quite seem enough!

Saw Just like heaven .. Again too .. and that one has stayed with me long enough to name my post after it !!

So whats the movie about?

It was about a guy who moves into this apartment , still mourning the loss of his dead wife and realizes the spirit of the girl who lived in the apartment earlier is still around.

Together they try to trace her down and discover that she’s in a coma . the guy gets her back to life by some divine intervention and post a little bit of drama , they do get together and live happily ever after .

Something I loved about the story was , apart from that it was this typical fairy tale that I oh so wish happens in my life someday too ( some people just don’t ever give up)

I liked it coz it in such a simple way put across the idea of finding life in the living.

I need to do that. I have always taken pride in being able to do that.

its all i guess about finding your ‘happy place’ .. your heaven. and that place i guess is just a little corner inside your head!

On that profound note , i move on to reading books back to back … 🙂

more on this soon!


Just Like Heaven : )
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One thought on “Just Like Heaven : )

  • January 30, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Just like heaven is one of my all-time favourite movies!


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