A lot of times when i speak with people about how somethings in life arent going as planned , they almost start off with their own thing about how miserable they are.

My misery somehow gives them a cue to open up and pour out the tragedies of their life.  what really surprises me is the comment that most often follows – “well that doesnt seem so bad , you know there are people worse off than you”

well , i have a question here. does the fact that most of the people around me are miserable ( i cant say that for sure , coz most of them dont seem like – but still giving them benefit of doubt) , make my troubles less important?

Does that even come close to justify my problems ? their existence and that i cant seem to find any workable solution to most of them?

i think most of the people i come across have got  a ‘listening disorder’ . Am saying that at the cost of ‘sounding quite rude’ and basis the assumption that I DONT SUFFER from the above mentioned problem! 🙂

But i think listenining to some one is quite a compliment – especially coz we all seem to be too taken with our own voice and our own ideas. Its open hearted , non – judgemental  and comforting.

And after all said and done , even if we disagree – we should atleast ‘hear’ and ‘know’ what we are disagreeing to . and if we have ‘nothing to say at all ‘ ( and what a blessing that is) it just affirms ones belief that every problem that seems daunting to me seems equally complex to others too!

But isnt listening , a one way communication? not quite . I think all conversations dont happen using the classical tools of the spoken language. The ones that dont need to rely are on words are perhaps the most charming.

Felt like writing a note now , in the middle of the day . i rarely do that during work hours. but if we keep doing what we always do , we ll keep doing what we ve always done!

how does that sound to you?

How does that sound to you?
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One thought on “How does that sound to you?

  • September 3, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    Its the same reply I get from people, there are people who are worse off than you. Well, sometimes you feel, they’re making your situation seem unimportant and not so bad, when the fact is otherwise.But then I really start thinking about orphans, poor and hungry, victims of bomb-blasts who are in a vegetative state, n the list is endless…
    At least, I have my house,a job,my own blog 😉 and many such small things to be grateful for… Neat post n great blog! tc 😉


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