So many times i have found myself on cross roads. they are not dead ends , they are not T junctions either. they are just that – cross roads.

worse still , they never seem to have a marking or a general hint of a direction on them.

i am not trying to build an analogy to .. in life you would find yourself choosing one of the two paths . an easier one would tempt you , the difficult one would seem challenging. more often than not , you would reach where you are supposed to reach , once you choose the path that you are supposed to choose… or something to that effect.

yes .. i am NOT saying that. however close to how i feel and believe in the journey of life getting defined by those mind boggling mix of words . i ll still maintain . all i am saying is – i dont even get to see a marking on these ‘many directions’ that i can possibly take to classify them as ‘the easy way out’ or ‘the road less traveled’ .

i wish i could somhow decrypt the various cues that i guess life keeps throwing at me – when these ‘out of the blue’ developments come surging at me.

its like i am sipping my coffee , doing my own thing and there it is . a phone call. that just might change where i would be the very next day. and some years down the line.

like i take a trip to some place , dreaming and hoping of a life that i ve planned . and am back soon to where i was . oh yes, with newer hopes ( the old ones i sort of left behind ) . And humming to myself … “and what it boils down to , its going to be fine fine fine!”


does that happen with people often? i dont seem to have met such people though.

i guess i am getting in to a total talkathon here.. some people never learn the knack of talking to the point. 🙂

so long then!

cross roads
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One thought on “cross roads

  • February 10, 2008 at 1:13 am

    yup .. you know i think too that sometimes you just have to pick the cues that life gives you every once in a while and turn them to your dream-cum-realities… also sometimes “wishful thinking ” works .. you know they say what you think comes true … try that too 😉


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