wow.. does life really change so much in …15 days?

i was wondering .. when the last time i wrote that post .. where i was and what state of mind. and then i gave up.

cos its not even remotely possible for me to relive the stress i must ve been bearing .. a day before.. umm.. life¬†changed ūüôā

 got the most amazing v day present .. a new life , a new love- a new job offer , that let me dive into something unknown with the promise of discovering something new.

a new job! with an awesome brand . i only wish it could ve been a little different, i found myself almost arm wrestled. but then.. it was meant to be this way so can i really question the way things shaped?

a quick exit. a quick entry . a jump start and now i find myself running all over the place( like i love to) , browsing to my hearts content( ditto ) and on a high ( all the time !)

my birthday was quite special. started off feeling quite low( being 27 isnt the most exciting thing that can happen to a totally lost yet self contained 26 yr old (thats me))

errrr question!! can we really put brackets inside brackets?

anyways its my page and i ve already done that , so where were we?

yes.. a spl day. why ? coz i connected with a lot of people i would ve loved to spend the day with. Not too many people would go about dressing up , walking in your previous work space with a cake for your own bday . smiling and smiling some more . i did. a lot of calls that i never expected. a couple of messages that i wish never came in . A nice dinner with people i hardly know Рand cant really classify as friends/relatives/strangers.

A nice day .

and i felt quite okay dealing with the day inspite of thinking a zillion times how each one of the last 3 odd birthdays have been for me..

at MICA in 2005

at Piramal Haveli in 2006

at Ahmedabad in 2007

some how at each of those ‘stages’¬†a¬†bit of growing up happened ( why is it that growing up has become synonymous with handling life s unexpected turns)

and i think this yr the best ever growing up happened. coz i was with myself.

and i was absolutely fine.

the last 15 days…
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