Some one said to me , ‘people is a bad word’ .

I realised , its not the words or their meanings. They are quite harmless. We all are quite harmless at the end of the day. Its only the way we say it that can make it so.

If only i could live beyond this moment when i think some one ‘s intentionally being ‘not nice’ to me. I could be in my ‘happy place’ forever.

I feel..
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One thought on “I feel..

  • March 9, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    “People” is not at all a bad world .. and neither are “People” bad .. it is the situation .. the time .. that is what makes most of us compare situations and seasons .. where as we should not .. as they are not made to be compared ..

    We often cannot accept “People” can do things without conditions .. but I have learnt it otherwise ..

    After we all are here only for a “walk” then all we will be left is some memories .. till the time our “walk” is alive ..

    “People” are still assets, it is their chioces that plays the Devils Advocate ..

    Cant Explain much buddy .. would just say .. Keep Walking .. and the world will walk with you .. like you are doing ..


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