Notes to Myself

“I talk because I feel ,

I talk to you , because i want you to know how i feel ”

Notes to Myself , Hugh Prather.
There arent too many books that stay with you without sounding preachy , or let you pick them up and read a few pages and let go and yet be more than ‘pleasure reading’ .

There arent too many books that let you discover something refreshing everytime you re-read them and make you wonder if you could have written them too..

I call this book my bible. coz i read it everyday.

I call it the perfect gift and i have gifted it to every ‘friend’ i ve made .

strangely , I could have written the book myself.. but what Hugh Prather did was let me discover this passion to write .. within me !

6 thoughts on “Notes to Myself

  1. i have this book also, and i love every word in it. some are hard to relate to, since he’s a guy (& husband), but overall it helped me a lot on understanding life more. nice to find this blog. cheers from Indonesia.

  2. hmm..i know exactly what you mean.

    i could ve listed down all the words that stay with me when ever i read that book ( inspite of the author being a guy) but that would ve meant starting off a new blog.

    This book has been an inspiration for me to pen my thoughts too.

    So am glad you liked discovering this space.

    keep dropping by !

  3. Hey .. Do you know, I know nothing about motivation .. All I can do is write books about it .. the same way I believe is the power of silenve and can speak about it for hours ..

    Keep Writing ..

    Soon I shall be “motivating” you more .. the way you did 😀 ..

    See Ya!

  4. i haven’t read this one
    though will pick it up now ASAP.
    dunno if u have read life of Pi
    i am reading it these days and it is an amazing read…. u know sort of lifts your spirit and makes u wonder and feel amazed… all positive thoughts – almost like therapy.

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