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Perfect Strangers

“As Long as you are a stranger you ll stay perfect to me”

when i get to know you better , i realise that you arent all that ‘perfect’

but that makes you more interesting , more real.

Its me you are talking to . And i am not perfect. So be disappointed for all you want if you choose to talk or let this moment pass off and we ll remain perfect (strangers) forever.

10 thoughts on “Perfect Strangers

  1. Perfection is a charming illusion …:)
    Friends are real( ahh well some of them)
    I feel both are quite necessary … just like the dreams and the reality

    PS : That’s my way of saying , i dont want to let go of any one . One cant even compare them. coz for them to be compared One has to experience them at one time . which isnt a possible scenario …
    what say?

  2. So if you had a chance to get to know a “perfect stranger” knowing well that s/he wont remain perfect anymore, would you? Or would you rather live with the “charming illusion” of perfection? 😉

    Ofcourse we want to have both, but sometimes, choices need to be made…nahin? 🙂

  3. Ahhh.. I never get to make decisions .. they happen by themselves for me!

    hmmm.. but if i do get to choose , i would go ahead and take a chance to see if the prefect stranger can be a perfect friend too !

    Thanks for stopping by .. this happens to be one of my fav posts . Do check out Music & Lyrics & Love Actually.. 🙂

  4. Hmmm .. too good and too “perfect” way to describe the “imperfection” .. few things are best not spoken and I take pride in not mentioning it here ..

    Cheers | See Ya!

  5. Thanks Prashant… am looking forward to ‘read’ about all that you think you can write on your page too…
    keep visiting..

  6. Always try for perfection even though you may not end up with it but in chase somewhere u will end up with excellence… for sure…

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