Amongst the very few things that i do on a regular basis – the top most is finding new stuff to do !!

so here s the ‘newest’ resolution of yours truely

A High Point of the week update!

Now essential definition of this term would be something that i might have never done before , or even if i did – forms like a difining moments of my life!

yes.. and believe me when i say – i would need shortlisting okay – so i might not have a filtering system when it concerns TALKING , for this one- Rulez Apply!

And what are these Rules? Well i ll keep making them up as we move along !!

Let me not elaborate any further and create history by presenting the high point of this week ( the first ever!)

Breaking in , into a CAR!

Yep. you ‘read’ me right. though .. ummm the car was my own. but ofcourse that shouldnt make the whole idea less exciting!

(pssst psst However glorified i might make it sound, the inside news is – that after yelling at the vendor after visiting some 50 outlets to check my signages , smiling charmingly while i fumed inside at some equal number of handset retailers , driving worth Rs 1k of fuel all over the place & surviving multiple minor cardiac arrests that come bundled with the job in telecom… ahhh i left the car keys inside as i stepped out infront of an outlet in this obscure place called manimajra )

All it took was a scale that we picked up and ta da – the lock of my beloved car came out open as some 15 odd onlookers passed on amused glances and some souls OFFERED help!! ( this happens only in india – people dont know you , but they would love to step ahead and offer help – even if that means you are breaking into like someone’s car!)

As i questioned the concept of secure parking while driving back to home after the exciting episode , i could nt help feeling a little amazed at the fact that while all that happened ( the discovery – the problem ahead- the solution finding – the solution works!) not even for a second i felt – ohmygoodness , what have i landed myself up in.

I think this gives – being optimistic – a whole new dimension 🙂

Am looking out for more such defining moments!

– cheers!

High Point!
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