I had to write abt this today before i start to believe that its not queer !

coz it is.very much.

i mean i get my new number handed over . It happens to be xxxxx 18008!! now whats strange abt that , one whose not part of the crazy world of being CM , would say. Well the only 3 digits that would change for employees happen to be 008 for me.

say what?

its 8!! dont you see . that s the reoccuring reality of my life.

I mean people have dreams or you know ppl they keep running into all the time. but nope. no such fun stuff for me. Its this number , that i run into all the time.

Picture this.

I check into a hotel  . The room number happens to be 508 .

The launch party for the place am working at is on March 8th.

That by the way happens exactly a month after the day i gave my telephonic interview for the company and got the offer over email!

Well lets go back a little in past and it ll all make sense (huh!) to you.

The fact that i stay in a house no thats 26 . Way back in hostel , my room number was 602 when i was at pune and 305 when i was in ahmedabad!

Everytime i ve travelled (and that happens a lot!) my seat number is 17 or 53 or 62.. you know? My number at my previous job (again if we consider the employee series leaves only three digits to ascertain your identity ) was 98xxx xx620.

Is it just me or Life is that strange?

Numerologically Inclined!

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