If one tries to analyse the moment when inspiration strikes , its generally spontaneous ( very right now.. if you know what i mean) but there ‘s this thought process that ‘s some where working in the background… which sort of leads you to ‘be inspired’ whenever you come across the source of it!

 Am watching Travel & Living – and an exceedingly amusing program on it called – “how to find a husband” . I read a book some time back about a babe who travels half way around the world , suitably titled “Around the world in 80 dates” , date herself into finding “the one!”. And in almost the same fashion  , this program walks through lifes and times of a single , professional , independent woman ( on the wrong side of 30s) throwing in date-doctors, Love-gurus, Strategies and actual dates (!!!) as she goes about on her one point agenda .

Even though people like me dont get to do fascinating stuff like those two babes( sigh!)  am doing quite okay for myself ( ahem ahem i say that with heavy tones of sarcasm) So here i am penning down life right now.

It wouldnt take a sherlock holmes to crack what this post is about. there are no subtle messages , no encrypted masked cues. its right up there . And that’s what’s rocking( ha ha) life as i see it now a days.

It all started sometime in the latter half of the year that’s gone by…

ahhh… well we neednt go about it chronologically. Infact , though there are one zillion ways i can classify them .. i ll just list the ‘shining moment’ of it all. In no particular order .. here goes…

Scene 1 :

Location : Barista , Some mall in Noida.

( My first EVER meeting up. The whole family – chacha , chache ke beta , beta ke friends, the whole neighbourhood , distant relatives – atleast 8 people land up. yessss at barista. and i was ready to die)

The prospective groom , here on would be called “the guy” for the lack of a better word. and his cousin ( the cuter one of the two and still single) and me – sit down seperately – to interact!

The guy : is quiet

The cousin & me are chatting away to glory.

after 15 minutes of talking abt trips to pondicherry and exotic holidays and my passion for music and discussing from matchbox twenty to doors , with the cousin … i realise The guy is now a part of the furniture .

Time to make a move, Uncleji asks my father “how do you think we should take it forward ?” My father tells him he’ll let him know once he talks to me at home . Uncle ji says “Yeh nahin chalega toh , Raja ke baare mein bhi soch lena. uske liye bhi dhoond rahe hain” [ if you dont want to go ahead with the guy , consider the cousin too , we are looking out for him as well]

And you thought – trial offers were applicable only when you went shopping!

More soon!!

Encounters of the Matrimony Kind – Chapter 1
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