PS ( one of the exactly 3 people  ahhh i guess 2 now that VN can be safely taken off the list , i talk to apart from AS who now has more problems of his own to handle than pretend to be interested in listening to my sob stories anymore) and me were playing this game. One of those typical games people play on a train journey … just that there was a twist in our case.

We were playing it over sms . Over two days. While one of us was travelling in train 🙂

Well this is how it went.

PS Says “Truth or Dare?”

CM says “I dare you to ask me some thing i cant answer”

PS says “What’s this one truth that you would nt be able to spell out in so many words, not even to yourself”

CM thinks . I dont need to answer this question. Coz there are too many. And i cant choose!!

Perhaps i would want to rewind everything i ve done in life. like refresh or reset. undo all the zillions of the wrong choices i ve made. and there are many. undo all that . and start with like a fresh slate.

But i wouldnt want to tell HIM that! Am too proud of this “devil may care” “no regrets ever” mask that i put on all the time.

CM says ” I ve always wanted a fairy tale. A knight in shining armour comes by and sweeps me off my feet . And we live happily ever after” Phew!!

PS says “Wow! you really ARE a GIRL!”

CM says “Yes , i am ” CM thinks … Yes i am 🙂

The games people play !

Truth Or Dare 🙂
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