So here ‘s more!

Scene 2

Location : Right outside McDonald’s , CP

( Am thoroughly bored of people  . of meeting them. of smiling and smiling on. Of talking about what i do at work. and outside of it . Blah Blah Blah. AND here i am . feeling over dressed . And over – aged . And wondering WHY oh WHY are we all at McD as i see toddlers running all over the place. hmmm… is this the place where i meet Mr Right . Like over a Happy Meal !!)

The guy : is quite cute. But then there’s the family . and the extended family and the kid that’s throwing stuff around.

Me : Am done with the whole thing before i even start off.

We all decide , McD isnt the place to be ( phew!!) and walk towards Madras coffee house.

We take the centre stage ahh the table at the centre ? We also happen to be one of the three groups of people occupying the place. And there’s some really random music playing in the background . Well this isnt my setting for a dreamy first meeting with even Laloo Prasad Yadav!!

Did i mention , i was put off?

Well , i prefer to listen to “Tota mere tota main to teri ho gayi [oh parrot , my parrot , i am yours forever!… whatever that means!!] ” playing in the background as i try to do a movie tracks search in my brain. The coffee ‘s quite lame. And yes.. people are chatting around me. Oh Yes.. I was here to meet Mr Right , i remind myself.

My father asks me “So would you guys want to talk?”

I say : “No thats not required” And i smile. And people stare at me. ( did the guy look a little heartbroken? Alrite .. so cant i be a little judgemental ?)

Everyone says “You must !”

So we go ahead and talk. And we are done. And we move on.

And whats so great about this encounter? Well , this is what inspired to start writing about how am dealing with “my search!!”

So long… more soon!

Encounters of the Matrimony Kind – Chapter 2
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