How come?

Last week has been curious. Coz of how painfully dull and strangely erratic it was. I was travelling every single day all through the week and had on the last count atleast ONE WEIRD CONVERSATION per day with some one from the male form of life!

Here ‘ s how it was in 3 D ( and how it was inside my head)


Something that happened at work…

He Says : You have a very strange name. One feels awkward calling it out in public you know. Wondering how many people would turn and look at you ( me with the ‘strange name’ ) when one calls out .

Me Says : Ahh.. i guess that’s much better than having a very common name , right? Coz you dont know how many people would look back at you ( the one whose calling) and wonder if its them you are calling!

How can people so effortlessly comment on something as personal as .. my name?


Something that took the cake .. happened .. outside work 🙂

He Says :Lets just reset our conversation to the point when we think we are strangers

Me Says : That sounds fun , but why would you want to do that?

He says : Coz I dont know you enough to be chatting with you

Me Says : So why are you chatting with me at all?

He says : Coz i dont know you too , to be not chatting with you . And i think you want to chat with me . so i guess i am doing that.

Me says : Ok . Let me think about it.

How can people cover up what they want with an explanation of what they feel the other person wants ? If you think you are talking to me , coz i want to talk to you… well why are you doing me this HUGE favour anyways?

in the middle of yet another strange conversation…

More soon!

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