Encounters of the Matrimony Kind – Chapter 3

Well its all about the vibes. and i learnt that in the randomest possible way. After some very forgettable “awkward meetings – while people talk around you” instances . i finally found a guy who could pull off a conversation.

open smile . easy going. and yes!! a sense of humour. well the ‘talk’ didnt seem forced . so it was all good . to start with at least.

we decide to interact. and that we do. emails , phone calls. for exact 30 days from the day we met .

He talked abt all his childhood failures ( including the injuries that made him miss some cricket team selections.. you know?) and his work – buddies. What he would look forward in his girl( and how he couldnt find that in any of the 5 girls he has interacted with so far). How he loves to go out sometimes into an open space  , look at the clear sky and feel good about life… you know general stuff like that?

yup. for a month.

so i am quite sure. my parents have started planning my wedding guest-list.

but. and there’s a but. the guy hasnt really spoken to his parents abt how its going! well. going by the fact that his parents call up mine to find that out .. you see?

So i go ahead and ask. “how do you think its going and where is it going if at all”

the question comes up as we are in the middle of “what we did on the new yr eve” ( Jan 01 , 2008 – to be precise!)

and the guy goes. “ahh.. you guys seem to be in a rush. i am sure your folks can find you a lot of guys as options”  say what?

well lets keep that out of the talk , you know . lets talk about where are we going?

“you know , you sound nice. on the phone. and you are great to talk to . pretty eloquent. but you know i am not getting any positive vibes from you!”

the reason why i am speechless here is , coz i was wondering if this was some prank or joke … weird but .. still i tell him to carry on.

“in fact from the very first day . i felt that you have been forced into the whole thing. like you were nt too keen. ”

finally i find my voice and lose the idea that this is a joke. coz it was nt. and ask –  so , you mean … its not happening for you .. huh?

“ahh…ummm… Not really”

Alrite. thanks. have a good life , hope you find some one perfect for you. Good night.

And am done with the guy forever.

thank god , for men – who cant tell “obvious sign” from “vibes”. phew! that was a close call.

More soon!

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