I have some serious issues on work front.

and when i tell people am not happy with my job they wonder whats the fuss about. working out of home , getting twice as much as i was getting last month , better brand to work with. what s the deal?


well here are the issues.

1. work culture. or the absence of it perhaps.which is a direct result of the absence of a work place.

2. Team spirit. that is tending to null. coz the team i work with has to be the biggest set of male chauvinists that can possible come under one roof ( huh?) . The spirit ? Whats that ?

3. Challenges. Yes, so many of them . getting approvals from everyone you know in the system . before you think or act or say. quite challenging to keep my cool and be all starry eyed about life when every thing you suggest gets disapproved and everything that they suggest needs an approval too!!

4. Perfect balance between work and personal life. YES one thing that totally balances each other out . Both are non-existent.

Gosh.. i thought this cribbing session would help

but it isnt!!

Am so bored …. 🙁


Getting worked up 🙁
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