Told you.. lifes full of weird conversations.. maybe i have a knack of inspiring people to be at the ‘weirdest best’ when they talk to me!!

Am chatting with an old friend. we have a habit. we keep fighting over the silliest of things. And then just stop talking. unless one of us buzzes the another after months to say “whats up” and we are back to normal.

Got back in touch with VS sometime back so yesterday was another one of those days when he buzzed me just when i was at my crankiest best.

He says  : Hey whats up

She says : Nothing Am bored. So either tell me something interesting or we arent talking. choose . Quick.

He says : If we have to have conditions when we talk , then lets not do that. Bye.

She says : Huh? Ok Bye.

Today , he buzzed again and heres how it went.

He says : So In Chd or Del?

She says : Chd today , Del tommo

He says : but i thought you were to go to del for an extended weekend

She says : Weekend starts from friday in my part of the world

He says : why are you being so sarcastic

She says : but i am not , isnt my humour like that always?

He says : no , yesterday also you were talking weird . .. what C*** were you saying.

She says : well , I generally say what comes to my mind when i talk to you , if I have to censor my thoughts then i might as well not talk at all.


she says : okay if thats what you think , again you are misunderstanding & i have no intentions to explain myself.

He says : And if you think its better not to talk than explain , then so be it.

and I log off.

I mean can i get more insane than that?

I dont suppose we ll be speaking for another 6 months now.. hmm… maybe when i ll send him an invite for my wedding.. i guess that ll happen before his birthday that s in August.

Drama . Drama. Drama.

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