am back and how!

well.. after the self imposed exile … am back to writing abt the crazy stuff inside my head.

whats the last few days ( one month infact) been like?

life s changed completely .. .from being single to being ‘engaged’! , from taking things as they come to start making a difference ( work , outside work.. everything in between and beyond) .

The search for the elusive Mr Right is complete – now the journey towards knowing if he ‘s actually the MR RIGHT starts off .

I guess am back with a sort of make over .

How s this new – me .. going to be ?

1. working towards a “better me” ( to hell with all those .. kareena critics .. I think the babe looks drop dead gorgeous and why should nt i aim at that?)

2. working towards a “better me” ( to hell with all those .. mood spoilers .. if you dont know how to speak and be congenial .. not an issue with me .. go ahead ruin your day , but you cant do that any more for me!)

3. working towards a “better me” ( catching up with a lot of ppl i left behind. managing relationships was always my forte .. so why should things be any different now?)

so .. in a nut shell i guess .. its working towards a “better me” 🙂

more soon!

Am back!
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