D ( the person I ve been talking to in exactly the way I ve been speaking on this page and hence dont feel the need to write any longer) asked me this question today.

So , this one ‘s for you . And even though you say reading what people blabber about on such trivialities of life is a pain one would rather not inflict on one self , well am glad you are reading any ways!

So what next?

hmmm… I ve been contemplating writing abt the month and more that s gone by , sort of tracing these past few days.

but then i am waiting for the moment when i dont contemplate , but go ahead and write!

since its not happened so far , am sure there s a reason.  so thats on my to-write-abt list.

This page started off as a substitute for a person i would wish to talk to. Now that i ve got a person i can pick up the phone and talk to any time ( err .. not ALL the time.. but i would certainly wish to) I guess .. I am not talking that often here.

I would love to write about the next few months and there after

All the plans that we are making and how they turn out.

how the whole “being single is a state of mind” goes to “the feeling of being committed is sinking in”

coz right now its hanging comfortably somewhere in the middle ( closer to the second than the first – for the record!!)

and before this starts to sound like an open letter to YOU .. I ll sign off …

So welcome to my world , D … 🙂

So what am i gonna write abt next?
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