Finally. And i must say am quite glad.

Roadies 5.0 has been to sum it up in few quick crisp words . Very Boring. Yawn!

The people in the show are more bothered about how they look on screen than how much extra mile can they go to prove their worth.

They have become caricatures of the once “super cool” roadies that I used to love watching last yr . But far from the spunky , go – out -there and give it all you ve got fanatics . here ‘s a lot that ll disappoint you during tasks ( which are brilliantly crafted this time!) , but play by all the rules in the book and create some new ones when it concerns politics.

Watching Nihal , Sonel and Ashutoush fight it out ( ha ha ha ) in the finals is like watching a bangladesh Vs canada 5 day match . yawn again.

whats so great about the show now?

The behind the scenes , watching the highly amusing stylings of bumpy  , Raghu and the team freaking out while planning the tasks .

the torture chamber with Nikhil ( sigh ! he still looks as dishy as he used to some 10 yrs back .. sigh again.. ) and his totally in your face questions .

The masti that the crew does – “mock vote outs” and YES.. the tasks!!

well the sms – stripping that showed as the men were getting deprived of their clothing , how the combined IQ of the girls on the show was less than a “panchvi pass” .. was to say the least HILLARIOUS,

am looking forward to the next yrs auditions already.As far as this yr is concerned. the game ‘s over .

And the game ends
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3 thoughts on “And the game ends

  • May 14, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    Firstly, I used to like the game roadies very much. But i didn’t like its authority. Specially, the most criticized spoiled voting out system thrown me far away from the game.

  • May 15, 2008 at 1:10 am

    I Love the game too . only coz its unpredictable. Its like life. seemingly there are rules. some seem fair some not quite. but at the end of the day , we dont really know what s in store. So be it the vote outs , or the random behaviour. it all makes sense when you dont look for a method in the madness…


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