Was browsing throught this e book that got from D , long time back. He said it s quite stunning and that was quite true.

yesterday was a particularly dull and boring day. I had set myself some tasks – professional and personal. and none were being close to met. so the theme of the day was “solemn” ( to put it ultra-mildly)

So finally after browsing on get a ways from chandigarh to exotic places like clouds end et al , which wasnt helping the situation much , i shifted my focus on this book thats been sitting quietly on my desktop – God Debris.

its about this conversation between a delivery boy ( who s the narrator ) who comes to drop a package for this mysteriously curious person , who has one zillion questions and a unique perspective of looking at things called .. Mr Avtaar.

Some breathtakingly refreshing one liners ( & more) jumped at me from the pages of the book.

“when you consider all of the things that can be known , I don’t know much”

do i ? dont i ? thats the quandry . Do i really know everything. what’s everything anyways? its all in the mind . the definition , the context , the knowledge and the perception. the ignorance and the arrogance of knowing it all . the humility of not knowing it all too well , not quite.

the mind is the brilliant trickster , and that takes me to another gem of a thought.

“the human brain is a delusion generator”

Some how I find the idea of a “brain” too mechanical . like an object. on the contrary , i feel “the mind” is a more open sided , free – flowing idea . with no boundaries . but then . .. when you dont have clear boundaries … the chances of one getting carried away from ‘what is there’ to ‘what can be there’ (reality vs eutopia) .

am still reading the book… so the post is WIP


The insightful world in the pages of God Debris
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