I have been trying to sort of frame this post .. coz its something i want to show my kids some years down the line…

you know when they ask me about how i got hooked 😉

I ve wondered abt the tone i should take – Fun and easy , down right mushy , dreamy eyed and bushy tailed , sweetness and sunshine !

So finally I guess the too much planning is spoiling it all . and i should just begin. and see “how its going?”

Meeting 1 : He smiles at me and we two are the only people talking in the room that seems awkwardly quiet ! ( thats never happened before . mum seems upset. his mum s not too well. his father doesnt talk much and my father s trying to break ice )

so we go and do the “talk alone” ritual.

He says ” I am looking for some one , whose ready to stay with my parents . Wishes to work and is smart and intelligent”

She says : ” I am looking for someone who shares equal responsibility , with whom i can talk to openly . coz if we cant talk , we cant be friends and we cant be together”

we smile . we laugh . we exchange stories abt his tryst with swimming , his encounters with prospective brides to be . and discover things that we love to do .. dance , movies , travel .

When we finally make a move back . he says ” oh that reminds of another story … but that can happen next time”

and i smile 🙂

Chronicles Of US : How The Roller Coaster Ride Began
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