Today onwards , after every talk we have , i am going to write something abt how its going …

Maybe i ll share with you sometime soon , maybe never… but its all for you! ( well , did i warn you i am quite sickeningly romantic 😉 and i did tell you to do this for me .. so i guess its not too late now!)

Like most days ..  i did most of the talking today too…but the best part abt the talk was this post. this whole idea. the feeling i am with right now. and i am not going to ruin it by defining it.

1.  I realise , i really want him to read what i write. this is totally exceptional. all this while , i ve been hiding this link and page and my thoughts from everyone whose even remotely seemed interested. But when you say you liked this .. or you liked that .. its simply gorgeous ( now why did i say that.. hmmm)

2. I realise , i completely love talking to him and it doesnt matter if he doesnt talk , has nothing new to share . it s not abt getting even. or getting a level playing field.  think i like it when he says “you do all the talking , and i ll do all the loving ( loving you hear do the talkin ahem ahem)”

3. I realise , i want to talk to you ALL the time. I want to call you when i get up. but then i sometimes wait for your sms. and when it doesnt . i sms anyways. sometimes it makes me angry. but i still log in and i see you buzz and all i want to do is talk talk talk.. with you! 🙂

4. I realise , i have been talking to you a lot. but lately i ve been wanting to do that online. coz when you call it a day , i can then open up the chat history and read all that again,

5. I realise , i cant let you read THIS post before umm… you say THE words.. 🙂

6.  I think , one of the most amazing moments were when you said ” I have fallen for you 🙂 ” . now later as i think , may be the I here was me , or it was you.. whatever the case maybe , i did realise after a few sentences there after , that you didnt mean it .. quite the way it sounds. but I realise , i am waiting for the day , when we do fall in love. and something tells me .. it ll be you , who ll trip first. And I , all but jumped with joy when you said , my ratings have been upgraded to 3.5 .. Yay!

More soon.

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