Well no , i havent been missing in action from this page.. there s another one – a more private space that i am busy trying to fill up.

one of my cousins suggested i should document this whole courtship period .. and i thought what better way to do so than start with an online diary .

what adds to the pleasure .. are these little hints that i keep dropping off to D .. you know abt stuff i wrote today .. and how he can only see it at some point of time , which i have thought of .. but cant tell him.. ha ha totally insanely exhilarating!! 🙂

and talking abt the ‘courtship’ .. i ve been getting to hear really cute stuff abt it ..

PB one of my totally adorable work colleagues tells me .. ” as soon as you get a not-available tag , something goes completely wrong with the world . you keep running into cute guys . you start getting all the attention from them. and you wonder , where were they when i didnt have this ring on my finger!!”

and i was rolling on the floor .. but then .. no laughing matter this ..

two men , have already asked me out like in the last one week in the most fascinating ways .. coming up with pick up lines and all.

I must say its been a while since THAT happened . Primarily coz i was most probs sending out these cosmic ‘keep away’ signs all this while !  But then .. whats changed now?!!!

Hmm.. maybe this could be my contribution to some epic of a psychological theory .. or yes.. like another chapter can be added to freakonomics or tipping point or something..

Say isnt it so?

Say it isnt so?!
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2 thoughts on “Say it isnt so?!

  • June 30, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    really does this happen?? 🙂

    CM says :
    Well Rambler , Isnt it interesting that out of all posts , you find this one the most compelling one to comment on ? So why dont you ..Say isnt it so? 😉
    Keep dropping by!

  • July 7, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    why dont u write about these particular instances .. a lil more in detail 😉 dat ll be interesting ..!


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