Think of an idea to change your world . And put it into action.

These words screamed out at me , as i was staring blankly on to the idiot box . Wondering how I cant seem to not do things I ve always enjoyed doing so much. So this might be the reply to the plea that went out to the cosmic space somewhere.

So I make a promise to myself.

I ll live the life that i would want to

From this moment on

Wouldnt care if the passion goes un-noticed

I would carry on

With the same fervour , that ‘the secret’ taught me

I would start each day knowing I ll be happy

Would nt look for perfection and believe in ‘right now’

I make a promise again to myself to not break this promise again.


Lets see how my yet another attempt at saying good bye to “erase & rewind” goes!

A goodbye that doesnt hurt

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