Jane Tu?

Okay so whats the big deal About Jane Tu?

There’s this nice boy  , who meets a pretty girl . They like each other . Sing happy songs . Croon mushy lines . Laugh  , hug , smile , cry together . But you know “unhone kabhi ek doosre to us nazar se nahi dekha ” So you see , they are confused if they really L-O-V-E each other . And then Jealousy strikes . Lo and behold . Everything sorts out to the makings of a happy ever after !

Dreamy ? ya right!

No i mean honestly . Whats the deal here. I thought of all the stuff that so typically cliche with the movie that i wonder why is everyone raving abt it being all fresh and all!

1. He dumps the perfect girl – All sweetness and Sunshine . Who cares . Who smiles all the time. Loves to walk into the moonlit night . Whose full time occupation is keeping you entertained – goe where you go , do what you like , NO friends of her own by the way all coz YOU are her world!

And you go ahead and realise you love this brat who screams at everything that moves . beats up everything that moves. whoever said Love is blind surely was looking for the word “dumb!!”. Duh!

2. She meets the proverbial perfect “knight in the armour” to discover the kink in it , coz he’s the fiance who needs to pop in and out of the story quite conveniently.

I mean how vague can you get . He’s a karate black belt like you ve always wanted  , soaked in monies , wear flashy labels , drives around in fancy cars . Parties ALL the time while his folks try to put together an empire for him to run. I mean WOW! and then when you oscillate between the now and the would have been , we see him turning the shade of grey from the sqeaky white . And when true love twinkles in her eyes , the poor fiance goes out of the window for good.  coz you know what “hes the bad guy in the story!!!” weep weep!

3. You are all a bunch of kids whose immidiate worry is finding true love! i mean whatever happened to planning for a future? like career wise?

The relevance of the college is – its your groups hangout . plus it makes up for a nice background for all your happy songs when every one joins in so that ‘aditi has de zara’. Hmmm… i have always been fascinated by the way the youth of this nation knows their priorities , the burning issues and the solutions to all the worlds problems so well. Movies are such a heart warming reflection of the real life i must say .

We have no dreams . No short term / long term goals. no sense of direction as such. you know our biggest worry after the farewell party is .. boo hoo  we wont be able to see our friends every day ! oh , how heart breaking is that!

And if by some strange twist of fate , we do realise we can look at ‘higher studies at amreeka’ as an alternative to ‘kill some more time coz you arent ready for all the shaadi business’ … all it takes is ahh some off-key singing , some last minute confessions , some melodrama ( yes , i ll totally ignore the fact that breaking laws on screen is as easy as breaking into a song and dance routine) to hold you back to apna bharat desh . Its tata to the higher studies as you hop onto the marriage band wagon with the ‘boy of your dreams’

this achy love – shove i tell you can be quite a life changing experience!

Hmm so after watching this typical hindi fillum . with all its happiness and glee and youthfulness and generally being lost and confused and yet taking it all in its stride attitude to life – why am smiling ear to ear and feeling all light headed and delirious in life.

Hmm.. so why am i doing that ? And if i am doing that , then why am i writing this whimsical soaked in satire (read sounding like an uptight stuck up in life 80 yr old out-to-change-the world idealistic critic?) Post… jane tu? Jane tu ya jane na? …:)

just wanted to see life from the other side. I guess i prefer mine anyday !

PS : Ah! am humming non-stop ‘kahin toh hogi woh’ & also that am bigtime crushing over someone who solely exists on the bigscreen AND am way past the ‘i have a big crush’ stage/age in life.. but ofcourse thats better unsaid…. and dreaming of atleast one melodramatic moment ‘just like they show in movies’ in my life too. hmmm… dream on .. dream on..

4 thoughts on “Jane Tu?

  1. wow … dats looking at it from the other side completely … me never thot that …but dont u think this dreamy girl wasnt living in a real world … i mean her world was more plastic … imaginary and unreal … and probably so was her affections for dis guy ?

  2. oh really .. tell me divs you saw the guy on the big screen and fell for him too .. are you telling me ‘your affections are all imaginary and unreal too?’ ha ha..

    well yes… i did try to look at it from the other side. coz its always fun to not go with the obvious . whatsay?

  3. hey i fell for the “Actor ” not the “Character” hehe … 🙂
    but this guy falls for a crazy and overacting overreacting hyperactive babe … but realies it too late .. yup no fault of the other girl … but thats what lifes not fair and love is blind …. me kinda liked the dumb angle in the story ..:)

  4. hmmm …. yup yup yup me agree again ! but then its thats why its fiction … tell me how many people would like to watch them lingering over their future career plans after college and see them struggle thru the routine … thats why its candy floss …

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