Yes . that’s a word. Go check thesaurus.

And I searched for it when I saw serendipity .. one of my fav movies ever!

And also found out that ‘serendipity’ is like one of 10 most difficult words in english to translate ( now how’s that for trivia? btw did I say its one of my fav words?)

So , I just wanted to know what one feels when some strange things happen , you know like a string of co-incidences , or signs pop out all leading to something . Like you run into something when you least expect it?

Anyways.. so thats the word.

Ran into VN. wasn’t supposed to till nov . He wasn’t even supposed to get online till nov. and there he was online and I was like .. am I hallucinating?

Its nice to run into old friends .. just when you are down and out in life!

He must be  back on his ship by now sailing from Italy to Poland or someplace …

Hmm… its stopped raining and its all clean and washed up and pleasant outside… so i guess i ll think over more about why am i feeling THIS … as i walk and listen to “Thank you” ( by dido)

So long!

Feeling Serendipitous Anyone?
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2 thoughts on “Feeling Serendipitous Anyone?

  • July 14, 2008 at 1:36 am

    hmmm …interesting 🙂
    so is deja vu = serendipity too ???
    me getting a lotta that lately….

    CM says :
    Nope Divs.. its not the same thing … but why dont you tell me abt it?

  • January 19, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    Serendipity?? Yea a beautiful word. Knew the word but found its meaning bcz of the movie of course.


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