One of the things I totally believe about myself is that I am ‘ not like others’ . Now there’s this thin line between “Being Ordinary – Just like anyone else ” and “Being Extra-ordinary – Like no one else you know” . And i sort of border on the option 2.

I keep realising something or the other .. very strange about myself. I am sure if i google it , I ll find a very serious sounding name for the ahem ahem disorder … but nope. I ll not google it. 🙂

What would you say if i tell you … i have a strange obsession about having the initials of all the names in my contact list , gtalk lists , phone list , in my written communication .. mails/sms/postcards/letters/cards/ posts (?) … in upper case.

realised it now , as i was bothered abt the way some one’s name even though i barely spoke to her , appeared in my gtalk list . So post our exactly 6 line conversation including “hi” and “seeya” , I go ahead and make changes in my contact details. phew!

I am sure , if i keep looking out , i ll find more such stuff… so am on a look out !

Happy Realisation!
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