Not the first time. and am sure not for the last time either.

But there s something strangely calming about being on my own at this hour.

Not that that i am not on my own 24 hrs a day.

But when one has the freedom to just get up at 2 , put on some music , switch on tv to discover Preity and Abhishek having a wild time on Koffee with Karan. All you can do is thank your lucky stars for being a single!

you make some coffee , even though its absolutely warm , you get online as the mad trio fight over the coffee hamper and run match-making polls for AB jr.

you swift through some more random blogs before something catches your eye that you feel like commenting on. you create another pseudo connection online , while you struggle to form something more meangful in the real world. And you think and think some more abt what exactly is going on!

You click on “new post” feeling this urge to capture this moment when you are all mixed up – strangely calm , totally chaotic.

Its 3:43 AM. Hmm..  20 minutes . 20 lines . Does it give away everything?

Time to sleep and dream of something other than me falling off yet again from a cliff!

Online @ 3:23 AM …Really?
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