One of the very many after – effects of geting engaged is tackling the ever persistent questions about “How are the preparations going?!”

i mean i knew how to handle that question for my boards , my engg exams , CAT , Placements and well.. who keeps a track of the reviews and appraisals at work anyways?

BUT . How does one answer that in the context of a wedding thats around .. ahh 5 months away ( rounded off to the nearest whole number)

Plus , there ‘s this level of enthusiasm that you ve got to put in all the verbal and non – verbal cues you ve to give out. Coz brides to be ( i cant believe i am actually writing all this about myself) are expected to be all gushing with joy!

So yes. coming back to the BIG question . How are the preparations going?

You answer that as easy – goingly as possible , “ahh , Good .. good .. mum’s been shopping . and we ve bought some stuff , the venue and all has been done long time back ” and you are trying hard to change the topic to you know how you are also expecting an appraisal letter , and a raise to follow , plus a move to a different circle. and at work there ‘s always so much to do .So all in all you are too busy to really be fully involved ( wondering at the same time – what are they referring to when they say preperations!!.. we are not shooting an Amir khan productions here , when we need to sit through workshops , voice modulations , ‘bonding-sessions’ with the team ..blah blah blah .. for a 30 sec commercial!)

“oh yes.. Hows the shopping going?” Damn it! you ve walked into the trap before you even realised it.

 I mean really , tell me if I would be shopping at the pace at which people think I would be , I have surely chosen the guy with the wrong last name here, It sounds more like am heading to the ‘Ambani villa’ or something!

Shopping for me works like this. I know what i want . I go to the stores where i know i ll get it . I find multiple options . I end up buying what I want and loads of other stuff too . But then thats it. How long does it take to really Shop .. when you truly sincerely absolutely do intent to .. Shop!!?

You try yet again for a topic switch . ” oh very nice. We ve bought jewellery , plus lots of clothes and all . I think its too soon to go in full swing with shopping anyways .. so whats the latest movie that you ve seen?” ( I am glad my mom doesnt read this , coz she’s quite allergic to this attitude of mine  .. but you know what .. I mean it!)

” Hmm nothing yaar … havent checked out jaane tu either .. have you”

“oh yes! last weekend @ priya s , when i was home in delhi!” ( with my mum and sis , on a girls day out .. shopping+movies+dinner! yay! )

“oh with jiju haan?!”

here we go again.

Okay for the record ! I think ‘being engaged’ doesnt mean one’s whole life revolves just around one person or activity ( read the fiance and the wedding)  

Can some one please help me with the perfect replies to

” you must be on cloud 9 .. its the courtship period for you guys” or “You gtalk status says ‘Available’ ..Really – wink wink” Hah!

Cmon! people dont take it too literally when one says “I am engaged” .

Quite Engaging ..
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One thought on “Quite Engaging ..

  • July 21, 2008 at 10:39 am

    So how is the shopping going? 😛

    >> CM says : Oh its going great , am heading to Paris tonight to check out what’s burning up the runways there !!

    ( why is my spam control not working ! I did put up a filter on comments on this post that include the terms “how””is””the””shopping””going””?” ! ) 😉


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