In my over enthusiasm to educate ( read warn) D of what he’s marrying into , I keep coming up with these random things you know , to essentially carry on all the talking.

I am not too sure how much we know of each other so far , but there were a lot of things that he doesnt know about me . the list is long , but then this could be a good start . 

1. My most upsetting bad habit – Nail biting. I am trying to leave it ever since i ve crawled & walked on earth!I am still trying.

2. My Idea of a perfect date : Long drive , great music , lots of talking. ( use this precious info well)

3. I am a true blue romantic. but am not the flowers and candle light person ( i think) . I believe in signs, like the world turning into a prettier place , one humming inside one’s head , walking around with a swing in one’s step . Doing little things to show one cares . etc etc. The song- “tumhi dekho na” – is exactly how i think romance is .

4. My biggest scare in life : being misunderstood. it happens too often . people tend to be judgemental and take stuff negatively too often coz perhaps thats convenient.

5. I think an Ice cream can cure a bad day. Black current , choco almond , choco coffee , choco chips – my fav flavours.

6. I love words . Anything that sounds pretty / deep or plain interesting , captures my attention and holds it. even if its on a hoarding on a traffic light ! I seriously feel a word is worth a thousand pictures.

7. I love songs ( and am not talking abt only guessing songs within seconds of them starting). I think poetry is an art that is as difficult to comprehend and its to write , so people who genuinely understand poetry totally fascinate me.

8. I have very very vivid dreams . I believe in what i see , being a reflection of what am thinking and what might happen. I feel they have a meaning and they have signs that one needs to read . My most reoccuring dream is a broken teeth ( symbolises , something changing , breaking of a relationship ) , me falling off from some where like a cliff , or bed ( shows some situation in life is getting out of my control)

9. My biggest fear – tripping off stair case , i truly dread escalators. You ll never know this when you would be riding one with me . but inside i am like totallly scared to death – I dont know its one of those silly little things.

10. My chant or mantra – “If i smile and tell myself , it ll all be fine . it does happen that way”. I dont believe in god. I believe in fate / destiny. There s a reason behind everything that happens , we see , we feel , we go through. we just have to read closer into the signs that are thrown at us all the time.

I could go on … should i?

10 Things You NOW Know About Me .. D !
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  • July 25, 2008 at 12:17 am

    Couldnt help commenting at how absurd technology can get !!

    noticed some of the auto generated links to my post are :

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    great .. now all i need to crack is.. HOW!!??


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