Dear Mysterious Observer of my thoughts,

You ve been searching for my name ( and am grateful to you that you manage the first name and the last name together so perfectly !) and landing on my blog lately.

You ve been doing that for a while and reading what I ve been writing too , quietly and then moving away back from where you come by ( wow ! I love the way I make it sound like its the mysterious Zorro appearing from the dark and going back there.. )

I have a question . Do I know you?

Coz its started to seem a little weird now.

Two things ,

1. If i know you , then you ve ought to know that my link is so and so and thats why by that logic , you should be landing here on your own.

2. If I dont know you and you ve been googl-ing me , then I think this makes up for an addendum to “Say isnt it so !”

time now for you to come out in open ! leave me a clue .. will you?

A Note For You…
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One thought on “A Note For You…

  • August 20, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Mr. Zorro .. Emily Dickinson is not true poet .. the moment of truth is not is accepting but in acting it before it arrives ..

    Agree ??


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